Before Europeans arrived in Australia, the continent has many different tribal languages, culture rather than a single shelter for similarities with each other as can be told from different cultures. Many large and different from each other groups of their own culture, beliefs and language structures are available. These cultures have time with each other or less overlap. Respect for indigenous territories of Australia and based on the belief Düşzamanı had verbal traditions and moral virtue. Dreams, dreams and the ancient time of creation and represents today's reality.

Falling from the time a version of the story:

The whole world was sleeping. Everything is silent, and nothing was still not growing. Animals to sleep underground. One day the rainbow snake woke up and was crawling on the surface of the world. All things aside, it was and it was his style. All the land is not navigable, and began to curl up and sleep. Thus, the track left anywhere. Then came back and was called to the frogs. They emerged with a stomach filled with water in huge. Rainbow snake tickled them and was laughing. The water came from the mouth of the serpent and the rainbow, filled traces. Lakes and rivers that has been created. Then to grow trees and grass and fill the earth life began.

In the 1996 census at a rate of 72% Aborijinlerinin implement various forms of Christianity that does not mark the religious have been reported in any 16'sının%. In the 2001 census the percentage of Aboriginal population, Aboriginal religious practices of their implementation until 0:03 was determined.


Prayer of the Aboriginal

- Every thing is enough!
- Enough to keep you survive a life full of beauty of riding diliyorum.
- Bright enough to have a perspective I wish the sun.
- More like the sun I wish you enough rain.
- Mental enough happiness to keep hope alive.
- The smallest taste in life of greater than enough to be perceived as painful wish.
- Enough to satisfy the request, I wish earnings.
- Owner to you enough loss to appreciate everything I wish.
- Last "Goodbye" t enough for you to bypass the "hello" hope.

In tribal life
Only meet the basic needs of the living Indigenous Peoples live in big family groups and all groups who live in an area would constitute a tribe. Tribal members and relatives against each other, there were certain tasks. Is divided into two tribes, each half was divided into units small in itself again. Who can marry in the tribe who had been attached to the rules. From one of two sub-groups of tribes that a man could marry a girl from the other sub-groups.

Totem is another view of social organization was. Usually, a plant or animal was the symbol of the totem group, and groups considered to be of a special relationship. A special place in the lands of indigenous beliefs had. Soil ancestors lived and cultures of the world, period, which creates "a shower of age" to them from the rest, I believe that was a gift. Some youths are to be tested with a series of bitter religious ceremony would be common to the deep hidden. In this ceremony with the way a corroboree, were equipped with feathers or other ornaments.

Aborijin Kadınlar

Today, many Australian Aboriginal and Indigenous Australia now does not exist in traditional formats. Some farms are working in some cities. Some special camps or urban local government with the help of the poor mahellelerinde trying to maintain a life of poverty. Many of the Europeans, with great distress to domestic opponents and some of the hopelessness and self-degradation caused vermensine drink. But some have managed to comply with new conditions. However, many have been taken from Indian lands in the hands of angry, because you still are. In 1972 on this issue to come to the Whitlam government's job was a turning point. "Indigenous rights to accept we all reduces the Australians" said the Prime Minister Whitlam, in 1976 with the support of parliament, Indigenous Peoples' land rights recognized in domestic issues and established a ministry.

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