Aborijin BayrağıThe invention of Europeans to Australia at least 40,000 years ago 17.yüzyılda people migrated from Asia to the Australian soil had settled. At that time the sea is shallow for much more from a continent to the other could be easily passed. European immigrants have come to this land with their original territories of indigenous peoples to be removed, and the conflicts between the Europeans and with the epidemic is rapidly spreading as a result many local hastaslıklar died.

17. century the number of 300,000 's to find the Australian Indigenous (Aborijinler) 1981 145000 Number of' e fell. More than half of Europeans with indigenous Bunlann children were hybrid. Residents in the city or provincial town mostly live on the edges of neighborhoods.

Queensland and the Northern Indigenous Peoples in the soil and live in special camps are kept under strict control.
Traditional Life
Ten of the Australian Indigenous dark, his hair is black or brown. But hair color varies from region to region, and face in the line are also differences.

Dingo Traditional Indian Life Ten of the Australian Indigenous dark, his hair is black or brown. But hair color varies from region to region, and face in the line are also differences. Dingo as traditional hunter-collector of the domestic animals such as kangaroo and opossum, reptiles and birds to hunt, fish keeping, by collecting shellfish, insects, wild honey, egg, caterpillar, fruit, seeds and roots and to find among lived. If they do not process the soil and do not feed animals, and protect natural resources were used with caution. Ustalıkla assessment of the natural environment today as well know about the past. A type of domesticated and wild dogs called dingo was the only animal.

Rubbed together by wood burning in the fire red-hot ashes were cooking. Food that collects all of the wide area or local group of tribes, the limits of its region tree, rock, such as natural oğelerle pinar were determined.

BarınakThey would be more BarınakGöçebe articles. Australia's cold winter in the southern region who wear fur, if a dent, in general, there was no need to wear thick. If necessary, when the bark, leaves, animals were pos mia-mia with materials such as temporary shelters or try gunyah would do.



Of domestic supplies and weapons, done with a simple technology, it was extremely effective. Generally, wood, plant fibers and is used chipped stones formatted. Men's tartan or polished stone axes and knives kabuklanndan sea had. To unravel the roots of women bashing gathered to move the food baskets, file, and the board would use the pot. Of indigenous tree and insect shells, leather, and they made life very different takes, to make them un oğütüp of grass seeds, water accumulated and used to move goods.

BumerangOther weapons of BumerangYerliler'in wooden stick, and the boomerang mizraklar goals were hurl the remote for Mızrak spear thrower was used. These deviations of the tip of the spear is placed in a nest were the wooden stick. (Therefore, the increase was discussed ğında arms length, so the shot was a mechanism for providing additional power.) Moreover, to protect themselves and fight to fend off attacks from the board would use shields.

Australian Indigenous Communication in bar 'was an invention of the very striking. And lines carved notches on this stick with a reporter, is to communicate between tribes was. Marks on the bat was about the details of news and information available as of the right to be sure that was injured. These rods do not always have a common language or communication between enemy tribes easy. (Some experts in Australia, as the number of Indian tribes, indicate that hundreds of different languages.)

Coming of Europeans to the Indigenous Peoples, several business began to use the materials and tools. Now you are hunting with rifles, nick motor boats, fish were using nylon nets. However, carved from trees or trees of yore, canoe and raft made of shell in the shell or stone fish hooks and traps were set up.

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