Today, the Aboriginal
Changing the Australian Constitution was adopted in 1999. This entry in the Australian anayasaının Indigenous Australians prior to British Settlement in the continent was considered to have lived. In 2004 the Government of Australia Australia's largest indigenous organization, the ATSIC'i (The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) chairman kamufonlarının ATSIC'in by abuse of the reasons was abolished and indigenous-specific programs with other government departments have been imported and the government working in coordination with the "Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs "under the" The Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination "was founded.

Australian Aboriginal population, a large part of the city but a small segment of the past become the mission of the church to live in settlements in the region. Aboriginal youth 11 times more than in the general population in jail and the police work under the supervision of the very high suicide rate. Unemployment, health and poverty problems in the same way than in the general population is quite high, school leaving and university entrance rates are the low-watching.

Former and current governments of the Aboriginal and white communities to apologize to them because they are constantly rejected. One of the largest organizations such as ATSIC also Aborijinlerin off with corruption reasons.

In 2001, Australian Bureau of Statistics as the total indigenous population was 458,521 (this figure 2.4% of Australia's total population 'üdür). 90% of this population, as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander% 4, the remaining 4% is defined as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

According to 2001 Census Aboriginal Population:

New South Wales New South Wales - 134.888

Queensland - 125.910

West AustralyaWestern Australia - 65.931

Northern Territory - 56.875

Victoria - 27.846

South Australia South Australia - 25.544

Tasmania - 17.384

ACT - 3.909

Other regions - 233



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